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Reblog with the books you love to read this fall, and you could win all six of these books, signed by the authors! Don’t forget to enter your URL at the website here (where, everyday, I’m giving a glowing review to each book as well).


“Joshua Wong is too young to drive or buy a drink in a bar – let alone vote – yet has become the face of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and an inspiration to citizens three times his age.” Tania Branigan, The Guardian


Joshua Wong is too young to drive or buy a drink in a bar – let alone vote – yet has become the face of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and an inspiration to citizens three times his age.” Tania Branigan, The Guardian


Nails inspired by Gena Showalter’s Alice in Zombieland.

I needed to get back into bookish manicures stat so here’s a set inspired by Gena Showalter’s foray into YA. Personally, I’m in love with the design on the middle finger and I’ll probably make a set in the near future featuring that design alone. It’s hot.

Also I’m running out of my Dior topcoat and that makes me sad. 

Nail polish used:
OPI Life Gave Me Lemons
Revlon Stiletto

Review for this on the book blog HERE. It’s actually the first book I reviewed so it might be a little sloppy. Oops.

I know, I know, not everyone loves nail art. But if you DO love nail art, feel free to consider entering it as your Geek Out entry. That goes double for nail art based on YA books!

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DVD entry of Dia de los Muertos by Christopher C. Thank you for your submission and good luck.

We got really brilliant entries for the Latino Teen Art Contest. Judging is underway, and as soon as the results are tabulated we’ll let you guys know.




Sssamanthaa created this wonderful “Pop Art Zombie" makeup job.

Read the rest…

ZOMBIE! You can definitely enter cool makeup stuff like this or other excellent costuming/cosplay. You still have until Halloween!

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Fact: Nail art counts as a Geek Out entry.
Fact 2: You have 23 days left to create your entry.

If you’re still on the fence about participating in the Geek Out Contest, you should watch this video from Smoky Hill Library’s Teen Advisory Board. (And even if you’ve made your mind up about participating, watch it anyway. It’s worth it!)


Geek guide to knitting.

I’m terrible at crafty things, but if you are a knitting sort of person these geeky knits might inspire you for the Geek Out contest. You’ve got nearly a month to get your piece done :)

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Geek Out is back, people. Let this expertly constructed Tardis from last year’s contest inspire you as you get started on your entries. You’ve got until October 31st to get your creations turned in, and our staff are SO EXCITED to see them all. Good luck!

Entering our Latino Teen Art Contest? Today’s the last day to get your entries in for judging. We’ve gotten some wonderful entries, but we’ve still got room for yours :)



holly and angela

the true otp at the lynburn legacy series

The CHAINS and the magic MOVE! It is magic! Sorcery! Call the sorcery police!

(I don’t know how it works but it is amazing! As are their little determined faces.)

This super cool moving fanart would totally count as an entry into Geek Out, if doing digital art is your thing. ALSO IT IS CUTE.


The Shadow Cabinet, the third book in the Shades of London series and the sequel to The Madness Underneath, is coming out on February 5, 2015.


If so, I am having a CONTEST based on a Twitter suggestion I just got. It involves COSPLAY. Let’s see your best…

Perhaps you would like to win this ARC (…your librarians would also like to win this ARC). Perhaps you also want to enter Geek Out. Perhaps NOW IS THE TIME. And by now, we mean sometime between Wednesday, October 1st and Monday, October 6th. If you cosplay to win this ARC from Maureen Johnson then swing by the library too! Or send us your photos or whatever. We don’t care. But just think! One cosplay: two possible rewards, all possible funs.

This is a fantastic piece that was submitted for the Latino Teen Art Contest. But remember, judging doesn’t start until the deadline for submissions is passed. You still have until tomorrow at 9 pm (September 30th!) to get your entry to one of our libraries and enter the contest!


"Sin Cultura… No tengo Inspiración ni Corazon"

"without culture, i don’t have inspiration or heart"

At the Border/ En la Frontera.

San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico.

Just a few days left to get in on our teen Latino Art Contest! If you’re running late or just haven’t had time to get started, take inspiration from this border art piece. You can do photography or even just sparingly illustrate a quote you feel is appropriate. We’d love to see your entries by the September 30th due date!


Alice In Wonderland Dr - Doctor Who Tardis - Cushion / Pillow Cover / Panel / Fabric by ThisShopReallyRocks (5.00 GBP)

Last year we had a few people ask if you can combine your fandoms for your Geek Out entries. Yes! Please feel free to mix and match from the stuff you love for your creations. Example A: this nifty Alice in Wonderland/Doctor Who pillow.